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The Ultimate 4k HD Dual Camera Visual Positioning WiFi Fpv Drone

The Ultimate 4k HD Dual Camera Visual Positioning WiFi Fpv Drone

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Product Information:

Size: 30-50CM
Applicable people: unlimited
Packing: portable gift box
Toy material: plastic
Item No.: HJ97
Whether it is exclusively for foreign trade: No
3C configuration category: toys over 14 years old
Color: HJ97-gray-without camera-1 battery, HJ97-black-without camera-1 battery, HJ97-gray-720P camera-1 battery, HJ97-gray-720P camera-2 battery, HJ97-gray-720P camera -3 battery, HJ97-black-720P camera-1 battery, HJ97-black-720P camera-2 battery, HJ97-black-720P camera-3 battery, HJ97-gray-1080P camera-1 battery, HJ97-gray-1080P camera -2 battery, HJ97-gray-1080P camera-3 battery, HJ97-black-1080P camera-1 battery, HJ97-black-1080P camera-2 battery, HJ97-black-1080P camera-3 battery, HJ97-gray-4K camera -1 battery, HJ97-gray-4K camera-2 battery, HJ97-gray-4K camera-3 battery, HJ97-black-4K camera-1 battery, HJ97-black-4K camera-2 battery, HJ97-black-4K camera -3 battery, HJ97 dedicated module battery, HJ97-gray-4K dual lens-1 battery, HJ97-black-4K dual lens-1 battery
Total take-off weight: 0-250g (not included)
Maximum flying altitude: 0~120 meters (inclusive)
Empty weight: 0-1.5kg (inclusive)
Applicable age: Youth (15-35 years old)

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